Sparkling Eye Productions Pte Ltd

Sparkling Eye Productions is a young and ambitious production company based in Singapore producing cross platform content including Film, TV, Commercials and Viral entertainment. The company strives to combine new creative talent with years of expertise in producing high-quality content for all forms of modern media.

Sparkling Eye Productions proudly represents some of Europe`s top rated directors for the Asian market.

Michael Menke, Sparkling Eye`s managing director, has worked across the whole spectrum from glossy commercials, TV Movies, documentaries to ‘Big Screen’ Cinema. Sparkling Eye Productions develops and produces in-house and also consults on production in South East Asia, India and all over Europe. 

Michael Menke has vast international experience as he has been operating globally in countries such as United States, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and all over Europe.